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Novapep is developing its novel Biparetide molecule, which mimics the mechanisms of action of 3K3A-Activated Protein C, to treat unmet medical needs


Novapep is an Australian - US biotech company whose scientists invented PAR agonist peptides and structures, which mimic the mechanisms of 3A3K-Activated Protein C ('3K3A-APC').  The Company is  developing these for the treatment of diseases and conditions with unmet medical needs.


Based on a large body of pre-clinical and clinical data showing the effectiveness of 3A3K-APC in skin regeneration and inflammatory skin disorders,  Novapep is developing topical gels and gauzes to treat dermatitis and second degree burns, for which there is currently no effective topical treatment.


In animal studies, APC has been shown to be an effective treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.  Novapep is developing oral, enteric peptide structures which are anti-inflammatory, protect against cell death and are potentially regenerative.  

Dermatitis Program

IBD Program

The Company

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