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Dermatitis Program

Professor Chris Jackson's group at the University of Sydney has undertaken research on APC in chronic wound healing and inflammatory skin disorders for more than a decade and they have published over 60 relevant scientific papers in high impact journals. The following diagram demonstrates the multiple beneficial therapeutic effects of APC.

ScreenHunter 491.png

Standard topical treatment for dermatitis is corticosteroids; however, a serious side effect of prolonged use is permanent thinning of skin, which worsens the condition.  In 2022, Professor Jackson's lab completed a TR47 in dermatitis mouse study showing it to be as effective as corticosteroids, without the side effects.  In 2024, Professor Jackson's lab is undertaking topical biparetide studies.


Annual global sales of corticosteroids for dermatitis are ~$2.5 billion and Novapep is targeting a minimum 30% market share within the first three years of marketing approvals. 

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